Manager & Lead Stylist 

With ten years vested in the bridal industry, Courtney, aka "Coco" brings spirit, energy, and savvy style to the South's bridal fashion.  "I pride myself on being able to help any bride over come any hurdle.  Be it a desire to try on every dress on the planet, a particular mother-in-law, or no desire to try dresses at all.  Everyone's perspective of gown shopping is a little different.  I look for the unique qualities that make my bride an individual, and let that inform my style selections for her.  There's so much more to finding your wedding dress than just choosing the one that looks the best.  When you find your gown, it's as if that dress was always a part of you."













"BleuBelle is not a bridal shop... BleuBelle is a beautiful bridal experience!" - Summer and Mrs. Cupp

"Your shop is so welcoming and your gowns are absolutely stunning.  No other place that I have looked has come close to having your personalized customer service... every bride should experience that." -- Jana, BleuBelle Bride

"That really was such a dream day and the only gown I could imagine being just as perfect. I honestly can't say enough good things about BleuBelle and all of you!" -- Neesha, BleuBelle Bride

"Bleubelle Bridal was wonderful! ...It was like being in a wedding magazine - everything was so neat an organized and easy to pick through! Courtney, the manager was a Doll! They understand that this is the most important thing a girl will perhaps ever wear and they want it to be perfect just as much as you do!...Every time I went into Bleubelle, I was treated like I was the only Bride in the world. You can't put a price on that." -- Hannah, BleuBelle Bride

"The girls at Bleubelle are wonderful and the seamstress is amazing! They made the whole experience fun and helped me find the most perfect & beautiful wedding dress!" --Beth T, BleuBelle Bride